Improve Workflow & Safety With Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Hoists, Cranes, and Lift Tables

Using the right lifting device can help reduce workplace injuries while drastically improving workflow. HODGE offers a wide range of reliable ergonomic solutions that make lifting tasks safe and effortless.


Electric, air, and hand-powered electric and chain hoists.


Free-standing, wall, and mast cranes.

Lift Tables

Standard, mobile, rotating, and mutli-stage lift tables.


Easy to use and maintain, stacker lifts are ideal for raising and lowering loads and being cost efficient. 

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks that are fully electric, E-Fork powered, semi-electric, heavy duty and more are available for all your heavy lifting. 


Nylon, polyester, wire rope, and chain slings.


Counterbalance, dock, magnetic, drum and personnel lifts.

Reliable Manufacturers You can Trust

Safe and Efficient Lifting

Handle heavy loads safely & quickly.

Let our HODGE experts set you up with heavy lifting equipment that gets the job done safely and smoothly.

Need heavy lifting equipment? The HODGE experts can assist.

Safety Training

Get training. Lift with confidence.

HODGE's warehouse and equipment safety training programs can prevent or reduce the risk of future accidents and injuries within your operation

Prevent workforce accidents with HODGE safety training.

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