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A secure, seamless, and efficient loading and unloading process starts with having the right dock equipment. HODGE offers seals, shelters, levelers, restraints, and more from leading manufacturers to keep you, your products, and your equipment protected.

Vehicle Restraints

Stabilize trailers and create safe and smooth transitions at every dock with vehicle restraints.

Seals and Shelters

Perfectly sized dock seals and shelters will preserve energy and protect your operation from the elements.

Light Communication Systems

Improve communication between drivers and dock personnel with corner lights and more. 

Dock Levelers

Bridge any gaps and height differences between docks and trailers.

Lifts and Speciality

Choose from pit-mounted or surface dock lifts capable of handling even the heaviest and highest trucks.

Boards, Plates and Ramps

Pass safely between dock and trailer during heavy-duty loading and unloading applications.


Everything you may need for the safest and most efficient unloading and loading processes.

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Dock Installation and Maintenance 

Trust the Experts with Your Dock Equipment.

Count on us to find the right products for your business. Our team will order, install, maintain, and repair your loading dock equipment.

Regular dock maintenance ensures a smooth and reliable loading process.

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